Creating Time Based Links in YouTube

Often when you are using YouTube, you want someone to see a specific section of the video and not the whole thing.   There is an easy way to send someone a link to the specific time that you want them to see.

When playing the video, pause it where you want to the person to start viewing the video.  Then, right-click on the video.  This will bring up a popup menu (as seen in the picture below).   The second option, “Copy video URL at current time” allows you to copy the URL at the location you have paused the video.  This link can be saved and then shared via any digital media.   When the recipient clicks on the link, the video will begin at the place you specified.


Explaining How it Works

Instead of using the instructions above, you can accomplish the same thing by adding “#t=” to the end of the video’s URL.  So in practice, it would look like “#t=2m10s”.  This commnad tells the browser to start the video at 2 minutes and 10 seconds.


This information can from a New York Times article by J.D. Biersdorfer, “How to Link to the Good Part of the YouTube Video” (December 7,2016)


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