Editing Papers

Editing papers can be a struggle for anyone, especially students because it’s hard for them to see mistakes they made in their homework. However, there are a variety of extensions, apps, and website tools that can help highlight potential errors for students.

Grammarly and Ginger are extensions for the Chrome browser, iOS, and Android that highlight grammar and spelling errors within a text. And they’re both extensions perform the same tasks.  Grammarly is more expensive. I would suggest trying both and see which one works best for you.

ginger  grammarly-logo

Ginger, places a limit on the total number of corrections it will make in a given week. While Grammarly does not place a limit on corrections in its free version. However, both extensions limit the types of mistakes it will look for and correct with the free version.


Paperrater.com is a website tool that allows students to recieve an analysis of their paper and a with a numerical grade based on the mechanics of the paper.  Students simply visit the website and specify their grade level and type of the assignments such as essay or research paper and analyze the paper in relation to other students in a similar grade and writing assignment. It’s results offer suggestions about correcting errors.


Along with looking for spelling and grammar errors, Paper Rater will also look for plagiarism, Phrases to avoid, Sentence length, vocabulary, passive voice, and readability.  The free version only allows you to paste your papers into the engine to be analyzed, but the paid version allows longer files to be uploaded.

SAS Writing Reviser is a free Google doc add-on which can help students address a variety of writing problems including column weak verbs, excessive prepositional phrases, dangling modifiers,  and poor sentence structure.  As you can see from the picture, the student selects the tool he wants to run and the text is highlighted in areas it needs to be corrected.


Hemingway Editor is an paid app, but it can also be used online for free. Ernest Hemingway once commented in an interview, “what many another writer would be content to leave in massive proportions, I polish into a tiny gem.”  In the spirit,  this app helps students refine their  writing.  The Hemingway Editor will not correct grammar issues rather it identifies areas that can be improved. Simply paste your text into the online dashboard and the text will be color coded based on the areas that need to be corrected such as adverbs, phrasing, passive voice, and hard to read sentences.


Word Rake is an add-on for Microsoft Word. It automatically scans your text and offers suggestions about eliminating unnecessary words and phrases.  Its editing suggestions are highlighted in a variety of colors  and the user can accept or reject the app suggestions with a click of a button.  Unfortunately, Word Rake it only works with PC and Mac version of Microsoft Word. It is expensive and must be purchased as a yearly subscription (currently $129 a year).  However, they do offer a 7 day free trial period.


These tools can help students learn more about the writing because it helps them refine their text period.

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