Doctopus is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows teachers to create shareable folders in Google Drive with their class. Doctopus takes the work out of creating these folders by using a spreadsheet to create them automatically. Teachers can share documents with her classes by dropping files into a folder and students can share documents with the teacher by dropping their work into a shared folder between student and teacher.

Doctopus can also distribute files to individual students and control naming protocols end control access to the document. This would be useful for an exam teachers can maintain ownership of the document and stop access at the end of class. This would allow this would ensure that the document cannot be changed after the class has ended. Groups can also be created within the doctors and automatically create share documents between all group members and the teacher.

As students are learning to navigate a digital world, Doctopus is a great tool to help students keep their information organized.  The folders that it creates can serve as a digital notebook for the students.

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