Stockmob – Investment Game

Stockmob is a Chrome OS app (my image below is from a PC and it is incompatible with it) that allows you to make a private investment game for your class. You can decide how much money students start the game with.  They then search the market to buy stocks and sell stocks.  The class has a leaderboard, so everyone can see who is doing the best and what stocks they selected.

Here is a video its developers created for it.


When I used it, I give each student with $100,000, and I played with them.  The students thought it was fun because they wanted to beat me.  In the short term, many of them did. As we talked about following market trends and company data, using business websites like Investopedia, The Street, and MarketWatch.

Students learned the ups and downs of the market – but by having some pride in the game and wanting to beat their friends and teachers – they “invested” themselves into learning why their stocks did well or performed poorly.   These are lessons they will be able to use their whole lives.


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