North Carolina Digital Library

North Carolina Digital Library (NCDL) offers digital audiobooks, e-books, and periodicals for its members to download.  Users can have 5 digital books checked out at a time, and you can select your loan period (7 or 14 days).  If you are not finished with the books you can renew them for additional time.


The NCDL currently has both new releases and classic books available for download.  Users can also suggest new titles to add to the collection.  If book you want is checked out, you can place a hold on the books and have it automatically checked out to you when it become available.  The NCDL will send you an email when the book has been checked out to your account.   When your loan period is over, the book is automatically returned for you, so there are no late fines of materials.

How to access it

You need a public library card and the Overdrive app to access its content.

  • Here is the process for getting a public library card from Greensboro.
  • The Overdrive app is available in a variety of formats; visit its website to find the most updated version for your device.

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