Create and Manage Supervised Users in Google Chrome

What it can control

Parents can create a supervised user for their children with the Google OS.  With this account, parents can:

  • See which websites they visited
  • Block certain websites
  • Block the web and only allow access to certain sites
  • Prevent them from installing apps and extensions
  • Ensure they’re using SafeSearch (turned on by default)
  • Change their settings

If you have a child that is new to the internet, or if you want to provide security with they are not at school, this is a great resource. Though if the school provides apps and extensions to the Chromebook, this feature will get in the way of its installation.   If you install this service, you will need  to check with the School’s IT department to ensure your child is receiving all the apps and extensions that have been provided. 

How to set it up

Step 1: On the log on screen, beside the “Browse as a Guest” and “Add Person,” there are three vertical dots.  Click on them and you get an option to “Add a Supervised User”


Step 2: First you will select the account that will manage the Supervised user. You select this user by entering its account password.


Step 3: Name the new account and create a password.


Step 4:  On the sign-on screen you will see the new account.  It will appear with a person icon in the upper left corner.  This shows that it is a supervised account.


Step 5: Log onto your one account or the one that you set up as and managing account for the Supervised User. Go to  From here, you can set the permissions and access level you want the supervised account to have and review the web history of the supervised account.

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